Music Campaign: Web in Progress

Here are my webpage ideas in gif animation.
Which do you prefer?

For both, I’ve revised according to feedback (thank you!):

-fixed the unintentionally condensed letters.
-changed the typeface of the tour title same as the artist name.
-changed the typeface of the content and menu as they should be readable.
-changed the position of the bird.
-made the title a little bigger.
-made the copyright lighter.
-made the spaces between menu and wheel wider.
-set the placement of menu accurately.


It’s the original idea and I took off the letters of the menu categories
because I thought it looked too much and just right one is enough.
Should I return them or not?

click to see the animation:


This is another idea to show the categories.
(For this one I have forgotten to fix the spelling. I’m sorry…)
I might prefer this one though,
“home” and the content at the bottom right look too complicated.
Should the menu be closer to the wheel to apart from the content at bottom?

click to see the animation:

How about  the combination of the 2 above;
rounding wheel and black menu bar?
Before baking gif I thought it might be too much though,
it actually looks simpler than 2).

click to see the animation:


4 responses to “Music Campaign: Web in Progress”

  1. Emily W says :

    Nice Marii! It is hard to say. The wheel turning is probably the best for me but I don’t like how close the text comes to the word “home” when it flows down. Otherwise, the typesetting looks nice.

  2. Rachel T. says :

    I love the turning wheel!! 😀

  3. Marii says :

    Thank you for comments!
    I like wheel turning but don’t like to get close to the type rather,
    so I’ll work on No.3.

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