Week3: Music #2-Words and Images

Words List:

southern island
coke cocktail
speaking bird
chi chi
wai wai(means have lots of fun in Japanese)
warm up

To express the funky joyful feeling, I tried to choose the rounded, bold and handwriting  feeling typefaces.
I would like to explore more and also try to write down by myself.
(from top left)  Amaranth Bold, Anastasia, Chalkduster,ChunkFive
Inspiration Images:
Below is inspiration and I’m going to create the final images too.

(very first) Sketches: (so cheesy…sorry!)

3 responses to “Week3: Music #2-Words and Images”

  1. Jenny Tricarico says :

    I like the colors and expressiveness of your sketch. You might try overlapping the imagery a little more, rather than having them placed next to one another, for a more dynamic composition.

    That first image of silhouettes behind the parachute is great. Silhouettes seem to be a theme in your photos. Maybe try pursuing that idea as well.

  2. emily wardwell says :

    Great feedback from Jenny. Your word lists are really good. As you were very deliberant in your music compositions, consider the negative space as another element to factor in. If you are going to use something handwritten, create the type yourself. I think you can rule out using Chalkduster. The inspirational images are a bit literal but I like the direction you are heading in…Thanks for posting on time!

  3. Marii says :

    I’m so sorry to reply late, I have read your comments but forgotten to reply!
    Thank you for your feedbacks, Jenny’s suggestion was helpful to treat images because too much stuffs were going on.
    I’m sorry that I tried to deepen more especially for this one,
    because my words and images was too common.
    It was so much fan though, If I have next chance, I’d like to try more types and abstracted images for this one.

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