Week3: Music #1-Words and Images

Words List:

soft light
drowsy silence
lazy wind
watch time goes by
lukewarm water
warm rain
fogged glass
cycle of rebirth
stop the clock
wedding of fox(means rain of sunny day in Japanese)

I would like to express the subtle  feeling and I chose thin and condensed typefaces;
(from top) Elega Rounded Light, Lane-Narrow, Matchbook, Walkway Condensed Semi Bold

Inspiration Images:
The images below are the inspiration images.
Since I could not find the exact images from web, I’m considering about drawing artworks.


(very first) Sketches : so cheesy…sorry!



4 responses to “Week3: Music #1-Words and Images”

  1. Rachel T. says :

    Thank you for commenting on my post Marii! You are so sweet! I love the typefaces you chose! I love your second sketch. It reminds me of the movie the Birds. Your inspirational images are all beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Tuesday!! 😀

  2. Marii says :

    Thnak you Rachael!
    I’m looking forward your works too 😀

  3. emily wardwell says :

    This online class rules! It is amazing that you all take the time to connect.

    That said, this word list is by far the best. It is funny that this song evokes deco typefaces for some reason. They really feel appropriate. Iwould like you to take an expressive typography direction here, where the type dominates as the image. A nice challenge but I think you will find it worth the effort. I like your sketches but think you can do something really amazing just using type here. Any of the typefaces would work. You can use illustration secondarily or just rely on colr to make it start feeling like album art. Again, the class will select one of your three executions to move forward with to create the rest off the campaign so you can refine the design further for whichever they choose. Nice work!

  4. Marii says :

    I have forgotten to reply on this one as well, I’m so sorry!

    Thank you so much for your feedback.
    Since I have not well know about typefaces and I have always tend to use illustrations, I didn’t exactly know which way I should go before seeing other’s works though, I think I’m getting closer to my solutions!
    It was great study and now I have a purpose to study types and photo based or abstract images more 🙂

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