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Puro Card Set


Puro Card Set by Stefanie Keppler and Ingo Fremer for Remember

Puro is a fantastic 66-piece set comprising only two basic shapes, but allowing endless building combinations. Made of sturdy cardboard, it’s designed by the talented duo of Stefanie Keppler and Ingo Fremer.

Price: $40.00;
You may also like Stefanie Keppler and Ingo Fremer’s Art Quadrat Puzzle.

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Iltempostringe Clock


Iltempostringe Clock by Alberto Sala for Progetti

Iltempostringe is a wall clock designed by Alberto Sala for Progetti — the same Italian company which has produced my favorite RND_time. There are two versions of Iltempostringe: vertical and horizontal, and it’s available in three types of finish: red, black, or wenge.

Price: $363.00

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Music Campaign: Website Final

This is the final version of my website.
I added a texture on the wheel, changed the kerning,
and add more animation to show the categories.
*The newly added categories are just to show the titles and not completed.
For the actual site, they would have summaries/newest information of each page on the right.

Designer Research: Gail Anderson

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Gail Anderson is a designer famous for conceptual typography. After she graduated SVA, she worked for Rolling Stone Magazine, and now designing theatrical posters as a creative designer of Spot Co. She combines tradition and contemporary, and the letterforms she creates are dramatic like a musical play.